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Instructions: Type any number and the solver will compute its absolute value. For fractions type “-2/3”, for example.

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More about the absolute value

The absolute value is a math operation applied to real numbers that is defined as follows:

  • For a real number \(x\), if \(x\) is positive (or zero), the absolute value of \(x\) is just \(x\)
  • On the other hand, if \(x\) is negative, the absolute value of \(x\) is \(-x\)

For example:

\[ |3| = 3\]

because 3 is positive. On the other hand,

\[ |-5| = -(-5) = (-1)\cdot(-5) = 5\]

because -5 is negative, and the absolute value of a negative number is computed by multiplying the number, in this case \(-5\), by \(-1\)

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