Arithmetic Sequences Calculator Arithmetic Sequences Calculator

Instructions: This algebra calculator will allow you to compute elements of an arithmetic sequence. You need to provide the first term of the sequence (\(a_1\)), the difference between two consecutive values of the sequence (\(d\)), and the number of steps (\(n\)). Please provide the information required below:

First term (\(a_1\))
Difference (\(d\))
Num. of steps (\( n \))

Learn more about arithmetic sequences so you can better interpret the results provided by this calculator: An arithmetic sequence is a sequence of numbers \(a_1, a_2, a_3, ….\) with the specific property that the difference between two consecutive terms of the sequence is ALWAYS constant, equal to a certain value \(d\). The value of the \(n^{th}\) term of the arithmetic sequence, \(a_n\) is computed by using the following formula:

\[a_n = a_1 + (n-1)d\]

This means that in order to get the next element in the sequence we add \(d\), to the previous one. So then, the first element is \(a_1\), the next one is \(a_1 + d\), the next one is \(a_1 + d + d\), which can be rewritten as \(a_1 + 2d\), etc.

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