Effect Size Calculator – Cohen’s d Effect Size Calculator – Cohen’s d

Instructions: This Statistics calculator will compute the Cohen’s d for you. Please provide the information required below:

Sample Mean (\(\bar X\))
Population Mean (\(\mu\))
Population St. Dev. (\(\sigma\))

More about Cohen’s D

Cohen’s d corresponds to a widely used measure of effect size, that is used as an alternative (or complement) to the processes of hypothesis testing and calculation of p-values. Hypothesis testing has been subject to criticism because the p-values that are used to estimate the significance of an effect is heavily depending upon the sample size \(n\). A effect size measure attempts to assess the size of the effect in a way that is not influenced heavily by the sample size. Cohen’s d is computed by using the following formula:

\[d = \frac{|\bar X – \mu|}{\sigma}\]

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