Time Series Plot Time Series Plot

Instructions: Create a time series plot using the form below. All you have to do is type Y data (and optionally your time stamp). Also, you can add a title a name to the axes.

Y data (comma separated)
Time data (comma separated)
Type the title (optional)
Name of Time variable (optional)
Name of Y variable (optional)

More about the time series analysis: A time series is a type of data that is longitudinal in nature, which can be used to analyze trends and patterns, and to create model and ultimate predictions, based on the historical behavior of the data. The most common time series analysis techniques are moving averages, exponential smoothing and linear trend with seasonality.

Beyond the simple models, some extremely complex time series analysis can be computed, depending of the complexity of the behavior and patterns exhibited by the time series data. Also, the accuracy of time series forecasting depends on the complexity of the data and the appropriateness of the model used.

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