What is Business Statistics? What is Business Statistics?

The definition

The mathematics involved in business statistics is very similar to the processes involved with basic statistics. This field is defined as the study, interpretation and presentation of data that is collected from business transactions. This process can be more simply defined as the use of charts and graphs to make complicated data easier to understand in the business field. The completion of


a basic statistics course would be beneficial to the completion of this course of study.

In the world today

The field of business statistics is widely used in many business related professions. It covers widely used techniques to aid good decision making in midst of an uncertain information. The formulas and processes are commonly used in presenting sales and financial reports, research reports and budgets. Many universities have begun requiring the course for anyone seeking an MBA as it is used daily in the related professions. The tools of business statistics are used in many disciplines such as accounting, financial analysis, auditing, production and operations, econometrics as well as marketing research.

Why should I study Business Statistics?

If you are planning to enter any business related field or accounting-related professions, you would benefit from the study of business statistics. It is a branch of applied statistics. The subject covers various areas of statistical study including probability, descriptive statistics, binomial and normal distributions, linear regression, correlation and hypotheses. It provides knowledge and skills to interpret and use statistical techniques in a variety of business situations.

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